Letting the Sun Shine In

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Grief is a Five-Letter Word - Day #1

It seems I've shared my life with more animals than human beings. I know that sounds odd; but in my life, my animal companions played essential roles which I couldn't trust to human beings. But that's a whole different story.

Right now I'm here to offer my loving support to you - and I sincerely hope you can let me into your life, for just a few minutes each day. I'm here because I know what you're going through. You've lost one of your best friends, and life is just a bit darker today than it was when your pet was alive and well.

For the next thirty days, I'll give you some of my story, and invite you to tell yours. I'll offer wisdom I've gleaned from years of reading, and introspection. And, I'll share ideas with you on ways you can honor your pet, and remember the gifts this remarkable being brought into your life.

Today, I'm simply going to say "welcome to the journey of mourning." It's a journey none of us wishes to take, but please know that it can be a fruitful one; you will learn to integrate your memories, and the feelings of grief, into your life.

I'm your ally, and I'll be walking alongside you for awhile. And the first thing any ally does for you is to accept you, just as you are; they understand your feelings, and love you throughout the time you spend together....